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June 2, 2023

Guidelines For Pakistani Applicants To Follow For Visa Application

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Applicants from Pakistan must exercise caution when submitting visa documentation. They must avoid opting for expedients when submitting visa documents, as the visa application evaluation process for Pakistanis is strict. Therefore, you must honestly meet the visa requirements to obtain a visa in a shorter time.

You are more likely to get your Schengen visa if you submit all of the required documentation as the embassy or visa officer instructs. 

Schengen Visa Guidelines From Pakistan

Applicants applying from Pakistan for visa application must refer to the document checklist below: 

  • Visa application form. You must fill out the Schengen visa application form completely and accurately. You can usually get a copy of the form on the websites of Pakistan’s visa centres or embassies; download the form, fill it out, and sign it. If you are applying through a visa consultant, he can perform this role for you.
  • Dummy flight tickets for visa application for a round-trip. A scheduled flight from Pakistan to the EU and back.
  • Your Pakistani passport. You must present your original Pakistani passport as well as a copy of your passport, which must be valid for three months. Also, must have two blank pages.
  • Photographs. You must provide two identical images that adhered to the Schengen visa photo criteria and were taken within the last six months. 
  • Certificate of civil status. Please submit proof of your civil status, such as a birth, marriage, or family.
  • Schengen Travel insurance. You must also submit proof of travel insurance that meets the Schengen travel insurance rules. For unexpected illnesses or injuries, you need medical coverage of EUR 50,000.
  • Proof of visa fee payment.
  • The cover letter. A cover letter may also be required for your Schengen visa application in Pakistan. The cover letter must include information such as why you are applying for a visa, what you want to do during your visit, how long you intend to stay in the Schengen Area, and so on. Write the cover letter carefully and free from any grammatical issues and ambiguity free.
  • Evidence of sufficient financial resources. To obtain a Schengen visa, you must present original copies of your bank account statements from the previous three to six months and the account balance or proof of regular income.
  • Proof of hotel booking. You must provide proof of accommodation or proof that you will be staying with someone.

Where And How Can I Apply For A Schengen Visa In Pakistan?

To apply for a Schengen visa in Pakistan is not difficult. You must have all your visa documents ready. And before submitting the documents, ensure that you go through them for any verification etc.

Applicants can visit the Schengen embassy in Pakistan physically or send the visa documents along with the visa application form through mail. If the applicant applies through a visa consultant, the consultant will apply on the applicant’s behalf and submit his documents. 

Mostly, students make mistakes while applying for the student visa. Therefore, they must follow these requirements:

  • You must have a degree/certificate from your university, school, or college.
  • Your student ID card, a copy of the faculty registration certificate signed and stamped by the university, and a transcript of your marks.
  • Evidence of your parents’ financial stability.
  • Proof of job or sufficient financial means for your stay.
  • A bank statement detailing the pension received in the previous six months is required if retired.

What Documents Are Necessary For Different Schengen Visa Categories From Pakistan?

Short-term Schengen visas are provided in Pakistan for various reasons, and depending on your application, you may be required to submit supporting documents.

To obtain a visitor visa you must meet the following requirements:

  • A letter of invitation. You must provide a letter of invitation from a friend or family member inviting you to visit them. 
  • Formal guarantee. Some embassies may want you to submit a completed guarantee form, which the embassy will provide you. Your host must complete the form, sign it, and provide it so you can submit it along with the other documents. 
  • If required, provide proof of your host’s residency permit. If your host has a permanent residence visa and lives in the Schengen Area, they may be needed to produce a copy of their permit.

When applying from Pakistan for academic purposes, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Submit acceptance letter from Schengen University/College/School.
  • Proof of financial ability. Documents proving one’s ability to live and financially support yourself while in the Schengen zone.
  • Employment agreement. A contract between an applicant and a future employer living in the Schengen zone.

It is important for applicants applying from Pakistan to submit their documents carefully. As the reviewing of applications is strict, we advise the applicants to submit originally verified documents.

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